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Acorn 180 Stairlift for Curved Staircases

acorn-180-curved-stairliftThe Acorn 180 Stairlift is the most innovative stairlift in the world. A true technological breakthrough.

The Acorn 180 Stairlift can be installed on virtually any staircase, including curves, multiple landings, and even hallways.

Each Acorn 180 Stairlift is designed and installed to your precise requirements.

  • Want the stairlift to take you down the hall to your bedroom? The Acorn 180 can do that.
  • Want it to take you into your living room? It can do that too.

Acorn 180 Curved Stairlifts are equipped with all the comfort and safety features that you’d expect from Acorn Stairlifts.

  • Similarly to the Superglide, the Acorn 180’s revolutionary modular design is specifically designed for curved staircases.
  • With a wrap around feature at the bottom of your stairs, the Stairlift can be tucked cleanly out of the way, which allows others to use the staircase.

Whether your stairs are curved a little or have a few turns, the Acorn 180 Stairlift is customized for all your needs, which means no hassles of complicated installation and workaround.

The Acorn 180 Stairlift even has the ability to travel down a hallway, allowing a shorter transfer distance between point A to point B.

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