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ACORN-Stairlift-Measuring3Acorn understands the unique challenges that you or your loved one face with reduced mobility and difficulty in climbing stairs. Acorn Stairlifts are designed to help you move around your house conveniently, and you’ll never be afraid of climbing a staircase or losing your independence.

Dr. Fix It Difference: We can install Acorn Stairlifts in less than a week after a site visit!

  • As a Dealer of Acorn, we can ship the stairlifts overnight once the order is made, and typically install them within 24 to 48 hours from a site visit. This means our customers can use the stairlift in less than a week, as compared to over a month from other manufacturers.
  • We can repair and service the stairlifts in the rare occasion that you experience any problems after the initial installation.
  • We offer an optional extended warranty.
  • We refurbish and resell pre-owned Acorn Stairlifts.

Learn more about Acorn Stairlifts:

Acorn’s Stairlifts are installed worldwide, and they can be conveniently fitted for straight, curved staircases or outdoor use with minimal renovations.

ACORN-Stairlift-Safety-BeltThe Acorn Stairlifts are equipped with many convenient features:

  • Padded seat and backrest ensure the most comfortable ride available.
  • Directional paddle switches are easy to use even by those with limited dexterity.
  • Slim line foldable arms, seat and footrest allow effortless access to the staircase.
  • Lockable swivel seat enables the user to safely and conveniently board and exit the lift.
  • Superglide rail attaches directly to the staircase instead of the wall, reducing the need for messy renovation or costly repairs.
  • Advanced rack and pinion gear drive provides smoothest ride.
  • Lockable on/off switch provides a safety feature for unattended use and prevents others such as children from using the lift.
  • Diagnostic digital display informs the user of the status of the stairlift at all times.
  • Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage help to automatically stop the lift if user encounters a sudden obstruction.
  • Two remote controls let the user to ‘call’ or ‘send’ the stair lift up or down the staircase.
  • Safety belt is included for added security.